Are you tired of replacing broken rosaries? Most commercially made rosaries are poorly constructed and break easily and quickly, leaving them consigned to a dresser drawer waiting to be repaired or replaced. The beads come unhooked, the chain is weak, the jump rings work loose, and the 'machine-made' look is apparent. These rosaries are neither unique, beautiful nor particularly conducive to prayer.

When you purchase a rosary from Queen of Peace Rosaries you will be acquiring a true heirloom, jewelry-quality rosary that is the result of years of gemstone buying and rosary construction experience. At Queen of Peace Rosaries we select only the highest quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls and crystals for use in our rosaries, rosary bracelets and Catholic jewelry. Our rosaries and chaplets are wire-wrapped using heavy gauge wire to prevent breakage. To read more about how we began using this method of construction please read our "About Us" page.

Established in August 1999, Queen of Peace Rosaries is the original wire-wrapped rosary store on the internet. Our wire-wrapping technique and unique artistic style have been widely copied across the internet and beyond. However, the quality and craftsmenship of our work is often imitated but cannot be duplicated.

It is a very special time for your loved one. You've searched the Catholic bookstores, catalogs and the web, but you just can't find the right combination of fine craftsmanship, beauty and religious significance for your gift. Come in and browse our pages. You will not find rosaries of this quality anywhere else.

Gayle Robertson